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9/14/2013 RESOLUTION

Whereas, the Republican Women of Park Ridge exists to promote the principles of the Republican Party in our community, state and nation; and,

Whereas, one of the means by which we seek to accomplish that purpose is through active support of worthy Republican candidates who share our dedication to those principles; and,

Whereas, this organization’s efforts have been made more difficult in recent years by the control of the Republican Party in Maine Township by those who support the election of Democratic Party nominees, most dramatically demonstrated by the 2012 endorsement by the Republican Committeeman of the Democrat nominee for 55th District State Representative and by the active support of that nominee by one or more officials of the Maine Township government, though they were first elected as Republicans and re-elected as Republicans in 2013; and, 

Whereas, the Maine Township Supervisor, Carol Teschky, has announced her candidacy for Republican Committeeman in the 2014 March election; and,

Whereas, the board of the Republican Women of Park Ridge is deeply disappointed by Mrs. Teschky’s lack of meaningful support for the GOP nominee for State Representative in 2012, despite requests by the nominee to assist her campaign, and is further distressed by the recent refusal of Mrs. Teschky to even consider support for a prospective 2014 Republican candidate for the 55th District State Representative seat, responding to him that she would defer to the current Committeeman – despite that Committeeman’s betrayal of the party in 2012 – and that she and the now incumbent Democratic State Representative are “friends;”

Whereas, our board recognizes the leadership abilities of our own Club President Char Foss-Eggemann not only in building our Club since her first election as president in 2011 but also in representing Republican principles in her citizen advocacy before public bodies in Park Ridge and in recruiting and organizing campaigns for conservative candidates in non-partisan local races; and

Whereas, our board is proud of Char Foss-Eggemann’s devoted, selfless volunteer endeavors on behalf of the 2012 campaigns of the GOP nominees for State Representative in the 55th District and for State Senator in the 28th State Senate District; and,

Whereas, we are proud, too, of Mrs. Foss-Eggemann’s leadership in organizing, financing and publishing – through our Club – of a GOP sample ballot for voters throughout most of the precincts in Maine Township, a standard practice of Republican Township Committeemen but one which was neglected by the incumbent Maine Township Committeeman and not undertaken by the township supervisor who now seeks to be elected Committeeman for the party despite her having at best sat out the critical election of 2012; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the board of the Republican Women of Park Ridge, that we do earnestly and enthusiastically urge Char Foss-Eggemann to undertake her own candidacy for Maine Township Republican Committeeman and that we do pledge financial and volunteer support for Char if she chooses to answer our call.

Adopted September 14, 2013, by vote of the Board of the Republican Women of Park Ridge   

RWOPR 10/29/2012 Press Release

Republican Women of Park Ridge Demand Rosemary Mulligan Resign her Maine Twp. Republican Committeeman Post

Last week, in a shocking betrayal of the Republican Party, Rosemary Mulligan endorsed Democrat Marty Moylan for the office of State Representative.  Mulligan’s stated reasons to the media were twofold:  Moylan’s pro-abortion agenda, which she shares, and Mulligan’s vendetta against House Republican Leader Tom Cross.

This week, Mulligan went even further by endorsing Democrat Dan Kotowski for State Senate.

The Republican Women of Park Ridge condemn Mulligan’s actions and call for her immediate resignation as Maine Twp. Republican Committeeman for the following reasons.

First, it is an unfortunate reality that disagreement exists regarding abortion in both political parties.  However, despite our differences, Republicans always stand together on many basic questions of principle.  Republicans believe that it is the duty of the government to respect and protect the individual as a self-reliant person.  Republicans also believe in private enterprise and support free markets.  These are the very principles that Illinois Democrats have dispensed of, bringing our state to near ruin.

Maine Township Republican candidates - including 55th District State Representative nominee Susan Sweeney and 28th District State Senate nominee Jim O’Donnell - stand on the front line each day and endure the blows of the Democratic Machine.  They do this on our behalf because they stand for the Republican principles outlined above, the only true path for revival of our state.  These private citizens’ brave and honorable efforts mean nothing to Mulligan. 

Next, it is outrageous that, aside from a single major policy difference with the duly nominated Republican candidates, Mulligan publicly admitted that her endorsement of Moylan was based upon resentment toward Tom Cross.  Mulligan, not Cross, is solely responsible for her failure to obtain the signatures required to run in the primary for re-election as State Representative. 

Mulligan forgets that she is the elected Republican leader of Maine Township.  Republicans elected her to lead based on her promise to support other Republicans.  Mulligan has not been true to her word, and she has failed to lead.  True leaders do not dictate by fiat; true leaders respectfully listen to other opinions and then take an honest and principled stance on behalf of the group.  Mulligan stated repeatedly on the record that she would never support Sweeney - only days after Sweeney’s announcement as a write-in candidate and without knowing Sweeney.  Still, we had hoped she would rise to her duty as the elected Republican Party leader, as the Maine Twp. Committeeman, and support Sweeney and O’Donnell after being selected by primary voters. It is adolescent to betray these Republican candidates and the voters in Maine Township because of hurt feelings.

More than ever the Republican Women of Park Ridge are gravely concerned about the future of Illinois.  We call for true Republican leadership in Maine Township and demand that Rosemary Mulligan step down post-haste from her Committeeman position.  

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